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Patreon lets fans support their favorite creators by becoming patrons. Unlike other fund-raising services, which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a stream of smaller works.

Who can be a Patron?

Anyone with an email address or a Facebook account, a credit/debit card or a PayPal account, and a heart of gold. It takes just seconds to sign up.


I’ve always been interested in web-comics and art , and thanks to the net I’m able to bring my works all of you ! I’m still a new artist with a lot to learn but I like sharing this story with you all.

The comic is and will remain 100% Free Content, but this just supplies a way for people who want to support us with an avenue to do so! Unfortunately hosting a website isn’t free that’s why i need you to help me keep it alive if you like it.

Because I dedicate so much time to my studies and comic creation , there isn’t much left over to focus on commissions. I’d like to give this comic a viable future  and to do this I need your support! All the pateron benefit will be spent for the comic purpose only and the details of it will be available on a special page on my website.

Thank you all for supporting my work, you’re awesome.


Thank you for your support.




Gender: Male
Age: ~21
Class: Lost
Species: (Former)Human / Faeran
Languages: Human / Faeran


Laurelian is usually friendly, shy, clumsy and naive. We don’t know a lot of his past but for the past few days he ended up in a strange new world full of mysteries. He has been turned into a local species and while he tries to adapt to his new condition an adventure begins and takes him across this new land.

Faunaria Eldaria Valeris

Gender: Female
Age: ~23
Class: escapee
Species: Faeran
Languages: Human / Faeran / Daeran


Strong and independent, the tigress escaped from the consortium after stealing a prized secret. While on the run she ran into Laurelian, her companion, whom she found at the point he had entered her world. Since that day they have traveled together attempting to escape the consortium . She knows how to use healing magic, and has a good understanding of the local region – including people and places around the area. Her connection with Aria dates back to her days at university, where she learned the basics of high  society. They spent some time in the temples and shrines of the region as part of their education.

Ariaelba Varen Deraleris

Gender: Female
Age: ~25
Class:  Former assassin
Species: Daeran
Languages: Human / Faeran / Daeran


A clumsy assassin, she’s been wandering the Calvas region after hearing rumors that the Archelis were looking for a thief, which is where found an old friend during an Archelis militia attack. She no longer receives missions after she spectacularly failed to assassinate a particular noble. While she still has ties to the latest assassin communications because of her brother and a few highly ranked assassins, she has been separated from the network after “The incident.”


Gender: Male
Age: ~25
Class:  spy
Species: Human ?
Languages: Human /? / Daeran


Ex farm boy, proud of his work and his skills, he studied at Thar university to become an accomplished member of the Archelis. After few years of service as an aide to the council  he became a spy and went to Palatanam to get assigned his first important mission.




Gender: Female
Age: ~??
Class:  Innkeeper
Species: Human
Languages: Human /? / Daeran


Sly innkeeper, she inherited her little fortune from her family and her good business skills. Unfortunately due to certain events with some wolves, she got in trouble   a few months  before a weird guy  ended up in her lap, ruining her chance to settle   her dispute with the wolves.
Note: this entry was modified by Nirae because  she likes this story better  .


Gender: Female
Age: ~20
Class:  Shrine maid
Species: Faeran
Languages: Human /Faeran


[in progress]