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Before joining the chat, please read the following rules and information.

Join the Chat

Chat Guidelines

Failure to follow the following rules may result in being kicked out of or banned from the Project2nd chat

  1. Please use proper grammar to the best of your ability. There is very little tolerance for “chatspeak” or “leetspeak.” If English or French is not your first language, please try your best.
  2. Keep the channel PG-13, according to the MPAA definition.
  3. Please be patient; just because no one is talking, it does not mean you may spam the channel or rage quit.
  4. Be respectful of those who are already present. If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.
  5. The chat and the forums are separate communities. Forum moderators have no power in the chat, and chat operators have no power on the forum.
  6. If you are banned from the chat and attempt to circumvent it, your ban will be extended.

Basic Commands

These are the most basic commands that you should know when using the chat. Information that you need to enter is denoted by [square brackets]. Do not type the brackets when using these commands.

Command Explanation
/nick [nickname] Changes your screen name to “[nickname]”
/me [action] Displays your text as if it were an action. For example, “* ~Pokes with a stick.”
/join #[channel] Allows you to enter a chat room called “[channel]”
/nickserv register [password] [email] Registers your nickname so that others cannot take it. Enter a password of your choosing and your email address, and follow the instructions in the confirmation email.
/nickserv identify [password] Once you’ve registered your nickname, you must use this command each time you connect so that chat server knows you own the name.
/nickserv ghost [nickname] [password] If you become disconnected and your nick is still shown as being in use, use this command to force the server to disconnect the nickname.

Status Indicators

Some nicknames will contain symbols at the beginning. These represent the user’s status in the channel.

Symbol Meaning
~ Channel owner
& Protected operator
@ Operator
% Half-operator
+ Voice

All users who have half-operator status and above have the ability to kick and ban users. Their word is final. Voiced users still have the ability to speak if an operator has muted the channel.

To alert me say something like ”Hello Leo” as I may be busy it could be interesting to stay more than 3 seconds to have a chance to be answered.

Now that you’re familiar with the guidelines of the community, click the link below to join the chat.

Join the Chat