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Q: Can you put my character in your comic?

No, sorry.

Q: How often do you update?

Once a week Gmt+1 time, due to my studies It can be delayed during exams time.delayed during exams time.

The voting incentive is updated each month around the 12.

 Q: What is Voting incentive and how to vote.

This is  way to see a special picture each month and you can vote every 24h when you click on a frame like this on the main page.


It’s free, easy and it help me to have more visibility on internet.

Q: Can I adapt your work?

Yes. You may modify, translate, or redistribute any of my non-commercial work. You may use my characters and settings, or draw

inspiration for your own work. For all the details and restrictions, visit my Licensing page.

Q: Is English your native language?

No I’m French, I’m still learning it that’s why it’s not perfect.

Q: Do you take request?

Thank you for your interest; I’ve just the free time to doodle my comic theses days. But maybe I’ll open some slot later


Q: Is Tom the author of Twokinds  aware of your work.

I’m in contact with him and he’s well aware of my work. (Yes)

Q: Your art looks a lot like Twokinds

I learned my art and developed my skill from Tom the Author of Twokinds.
Furthermore I share Tom’s art style because I  grew up with   and learned from his work.
Beside the art style my work has nothing to do with Tom’s Universe.

Q: Is your comic taking place in Twokinds universe ?

No it is not.

Link to Twokinds

Q: Are you Lau ? (Self insert OC)

A: No, but my OC does have a similar appearance (I like tigers, after all).

Q: Are your commissions canon?

No they are not. The paid art is very much non canon.


An Important note about the art.

The Pages published are usually 24 to 36 months old, why that ?

Because of my Bachelor of Engineering , as you might know this need a lot of attention and time that’s why I keep lot of pages beforehand, it still might have delay because I try to do one page it’s week plus the Voting Incentive and side projects. I hope you can understand that. Thank you.

 It’s no secret that my artistic style was strongly influenced by Twokinds — as I’ve posted in several places on my site, I learned to draw from Tom, and I owe a lot to him in that regard. I appreciate that, if you haven’t read either of our comics, the cast list even looks similar — again, my art style is similar because I learned from him, and we draw on similar character archetypes, partially because we both have a strong inspirations in our stories from Japanese folklore and modern manga. But the similarity there is superficial.

If you feel the need to say something about it contact me here .

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