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Welcome This Comic!

Postby Talimus » October 31st, 2016, 5:33 am

I'm here to welcome this comic to the webcomic scene, so welcome! It looks exciting and interesting so far, and I very much looking forward to seeing what comes of this. Thank you for bringing me something more I can check up on each week, I'm personally excited for this. If it's alright with you, I'd like to share some observations and suggestions I've made. That is, if I'm not overstepping my bounds.

-The art style seems heavily inspired by Twokinds. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, as inspiration from great sources is a good thing. It's just something I noticed.
-I was able to draw some close parallels between some Project2nd and Twokinds characters. Laurelian reminds me a lot of Trace Legacy, in a way. This one is a bit of a stretch, but just as Trace Legacy was a Keidran-hating human given amnesia and thrust into Keidran territory to quickly meet a Keidran named Flora, Laurelian was a human turned into a Faeran and thrust into what I assume is Faeran territory/habitat(mostly due to the mention of being turned into a 'local species', and his species is listed as Human/Faeran, bringing to mind the idea that Faeran inhabit the area he is transformed in) to quickly meet a Faeran named Faunaria.
-Faunaria reminds me a lot of Flora. The first thing I notice about these two is that the main portion of Faunaria's name is 'Fauna', which tends to go hand-in-hand with 'Flora'. They are both tigers with brown hair, and act as a local guide to their confused male partners. While Faunaria is escaping after stealing something, Flora is escaping slavery. This is where the similarities end, however.
-Ariaelba instantly reminds me of Kathrin, mostly because Ariaelba's fur pattern bears a striking resemblance to Kathrin's. As for those two, that's it. Ariaelba appears to be some form of canine, while Kathrin is a feline Keidran. Ariaelba's description reminds me of Natani's story quite a bit, down to the communication with her brother. While Natani's connection to her brother is spiritual/telepathic, I'm doubting that's the case with Ariaelba and her brother.
-Mara somewhat reminds me of Keith from Twokinds. Same fur color, same gender. And if memory serves, not everyone knew about the Basitin right off the bat, so the mysterious species of Mara reminded me of that.

-The only thing I can think of for now is that the descriptions of the characters on the character page could be reviewed and brushed up. That's all, really, for now.

Please don't take my observations or critiques negatively. I think this comic is very well made, and I'm eager to read into this fresh new story, even if bits and pieces remind me of another webcomic. And even if it's true that a lot of inspiration was taken from Twokinds, I don't think that's a bad thing. Twokinds is a fantastic story, easy to draw inspiration and/or influence from. Keep up the great work, I'll be following and supporting this comic as it grows.

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Re: Welcome This Comic!

Postby Loick » October 31st, 2016, 11:50 am

Thank you for your critique and insights,it's always appreciated , if you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them here with as much details as i can. Also Please visit the FAQ section of the website http://project2nd.com/faq/. Also please introduce yourself here viewforum.php?f=5 before posting and please do check the forum's rules. Welcome here and happy Halloween :)

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