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Q: Is Tom the author of Twokinds  aware of your work.

I’m in contact with him and he’s well aware of my work. (Yes)

Q: Is it just me, or is your project similar to Tom Fischbach’s Twokinds?

Yes, I learned to draw from Tom, so there are stylistic similarities.

I can’t claim to be anything like the master that he is, though I hope some day, with a lot of practice, I’ll get there.

Q: Your art looks a lot like Twokinds

I grew up with Tom’s work, and learned from it. I developed my artistic skills and art style from his, because I really admired what he’s done. It’s like the old-fashioned practice an apprentice learning at the knee of a master. Besides the art style, my work has nothing to do with Tom’s universe.

Q: Your character designs and even color schemes, seem to be a copy and paste of Twokinds comic.

It’s no secret that my artistic style was strongly influenced by Twokinds and while some art assets may be similar, the overarching plot of each comic is definitely different.

I learned to draw from Tom, and I owe a lot to him in that regard. I appreciate that, if you haven’t read either of our comics, the cast list even looks similar.

We draw on similar character archetypes, partially because we both have a strong inspirations in our stories from Japanese folklore and modern manga. But the similarity there is superficial.

I would also mention that the plot itself in Project 2nd is pretty different from Twokinds, in the answer to the second question.

Q: Why your main character is a Flora look alike?

If you believe that Tom holds a copyright on “Brown-haired Tiger girl” you are likely in for a long lifetime of disappointment.

Q: Is your comic taking place in Twokinds universe ?

No it is not.

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